We founded SWSI Media (Smart Women. Smart Ideas) to create entertaining original programs to give women entrepreneurs the exposure they need to Get Known and Go BIG! Over the last two years, we’ve expanded, and SWSI Media has become a next-generation content studio and consultancy that offers a wide range of services from digital strategy to content production and multi-screen distribution to strategic partnership development, and beyond. With SWSI’s flagship series Queen Boss bought and featured on Viacom's BET TV Networks in 2017, SWSI is in a unique position to partner with your company and brand.

Key areas of Expertise:

Video Production, Project Management: With broad experience in running video projects, both its own digital series, television initiatives and corporate videos for clients, SWSI can run all video aspects, working closely with you and your team. 

Strategic Business Development and PartnershipsBuilding key partnerships is a strong suit of SWSI.  From brands to distribution companies to startups enabling distribution and social, and creating relevant next gen technologies.

Content Distribution, Marketing and Social MediaSWSI has a strong track record in marketing and developing media plans optimizing reach for clients and sponsors through digital, traditional and social channels and would put these all into play to expand your reach

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